The Book Cooks
Patrick Hinely
2008 Jazz Calendiary
(jazzprezzo; Bad Oeynhausen, Germany)

Jazz Calendiary

Veteran photojournalist Patrick Hinely is renowned for documenting the essence of jazz performance and the candid off stage moment, combining William Gottlieb’s keen compositional sensibility and Milt Hinton’s intuitive timing. The Lexington, Virginia-based Hinely’s photographs are featured in the 2008 Jazz Calendiary, published by the jazzprezzo imprint of German publisher Nieswand Verlag. This combination calendar and diary includes 56 black and white film-based photographs of jazz people, dating from 1974 to 2007. It is the first book devoted solely to Hinely’s work.

In addition to selecting the photographs, Hinely wrote accompanying texts exclusively for PoD.




Richmond/Corea    Moore/King    Aberg/Danielsson

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