Lennart Aberg/Palle Danielsson
2008 Jazz Calendiary

Lennart Aberg and Palle Danielsson

Lennart Aberg and Palle Danielsson

Soundcheck for performance at JazzFest Berlin

House of the Berliner Festspiele, Berlin

November 2001

Patrick Hinely©2007

This was such a lucky shot in even more ways than all good shots are lucky shots. Aberg was leading a 15-piece group, which was spread out all across the stage, and soundchecks are the only open season for photographers at JazzFest Berlin, so I was among too many of my colleagues for any of us to be able to move very freely, yet here, right in front of me, was the bandleader, and behind him Europe’s most versatile bassist, a man whose sense of time is attuned to the pulse of all the universe. All I had to do was wait for those two to align in space as congliptiously as they were converging in time, and I will always be thankful that I didn’t yield my space and move before getting this shot.





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