Glen Moore/Nancy King
2008 Jazz Calendiary

Glen Moore and Nancy King

Glen Moore and Nancy King

Rehearsal for performance at Spoleto Festival USA

Lutheran Church Parish Hall, Charleston SC

May 1996

Patrick Hinely©2007

The hand and violin neck of Rob Thomas lead us in from the lower right. Glen had been my introduction to New York’s jazz world more than 20 years before this image was made, and the conversation we began in 1973 continues, I am glad to say, to this day. I think the good-natured banter level we have with one another had a comforting effect on everyone else in the band that day, none of whom I had ever met before, but all of whom accepted me as OK, which made moving among them rather than only around them much easier. Unseen are guitarist Jerry Hahn and drummer John Riley, both of whom also played with the sinew, wit and grit necessary to do full justice to Moore’s music.





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