Issue 76 - September 2021

Page One: Corey Mwamba: Accessing Freeness: a column by Bill Shoemaker

James Brandon Lewis: All Becomes One: an interview with Troy Collins

Ezzthetics: a column by Stuart Broomer

An Anarchic Society of Sounds - Apartment House and John Cage’s Number Pieces
by Michael Rosenstein

John Tchicai’s Metal Poems: by Gabriel Bristow

Geri Allen and Spatial Grammar: by Serubiri Moses

Mark Whitecage, 1997: An Interview: by Marc Chaloin

The Book Cooks:
Steve Lacy (Unfinished)
Edited by Guillaume Tarche (Lenka Lente; Nantes, France)
John Tchicai: A chaos with some kind of order
Margriet Naber (Ear Mind Heart Media; Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Moment's Notice: Reviews of Recent Media



Publisher: Bill Shoemaker
Production: Troy Collins

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