The Book Cooks
Excerpts from
Secret Carnival Workers
Paul Haines
Edited by Stuart Broomer
(H. Pal Productions; Toronto/Distributed by Coach House Books, Toronto)

Secret Carnival Workers by Paul Haines

Perhaps best known as the librettist for Carla Bley’s Escalator Over The Hill, Paul Haines (1932-2003) wrote poetry, fiction, and an arguably unique genre of prose that is tagged as journalism or criticism largely because of its venues – album sleeves and booklets and music journals. As much as his poetry, this body of work, a mix of inside-out polemics and oblique storytelling, is a testament to Haines’ singular ear and voice. These three examples were recommended by Stuart Broomer: “To You,” the sleeve note for The Jazz Composers Orchestra’s 1965 LP, Communication (Fontana); “Jubilee,” first published in the Canadian journal, Musicworks (issue 34; Spring 1986); and “Fear of Metal Sheds: and never hear from anyone again,” commissioned by Evan Parker for his 1989 limited edition box set of Incus solo saxophone LPs, Collected Solos.

Paul Haines To You    Paul Haines Jubilee    Paul Haines Metal Sheds
Photos Courtesy of H. Pal Productions©2007

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