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Bill Shoemaker

Ten predictions for 2007:

  1. Now that Bush’s war on Iraq is a certified disaster, NEA chairman Dana Gioia stops touting the Endowment’s strategic partnership with the Department of Defense to bring Shakespeare to military basis as the crowning achievement of his tenure. Instead, he wraps his arms around the Jazz Masters program at every opportunity.

  2. Milford Graves is named a MacArthur Fellow.

  3. Art Ensemble of Chicago plays less than 6 concerts in the US during their 40th Anniversary year.

  4. Chuck Mangione resurfaces for a “Feels So Good” at 30 special on PBS.

  5. Hamid Drake plays gigs in two cities at the same time without the aid of holograms.

  6. On their next US jaunt, the BBC’s Jez Nelson and his Jazz on 3 crew skip New York and go to Chicago, recording at The Velvet Lounge and The Empty Bottle.

  7. US Representative John Conyers, the architect of HR 57, through which Congress proclaimed jazz to be a unique national treasure, uses his chairmanship of the powerful House Judiciary Committee to champion the music.

  8. Sonny Rollins releases revelatory material from his personal archive on his Doxy label.

  9. Total US CD sales plunge by more than 10%; downloads spike by triple digits. Sales of jazz and improvised music CDs, however, retain ’06 levels, and the rise in downloads is far less than those in other genres.

  10. Peace and Joy by Paul Dunmall, Paul Rogers, Philip Gibbs and Hamid Drake becomes an alternative holiday classic.

Paul Dunmall

ICP Orchestra

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