Free Jazz

The Point of Departure Contest

This is easy.

Answer the three questions below.

The answers can be found in this issue.

Email the answers to:

Be sure to include your postal address with your entry.

The deadline for entries is December 10, 2006.

Entries with three correct answers will win
one of three copies of:

Aki Takase Piano Quintet’s

Michele Rosewoman & Quintessence’s
The In Side Out

Aki Takase     Michele Rosewoman

Winners will be drawn on December 11, 2006
Prizes will be delivered by post/mail
Winners will be announced in the next issue.

Question 1: Which instrument does Iro Haarla not play?
A. Piano
B. Harp
C. Keyboards
D. Tuba

Question 2: What instrument does Ornette Coleman not play on Sound Grammar?
A. Alto Saxophone
B. Trumpet
C. Violin
D. Tuba

Question 3: Which musician has not recorded with Myra Melford?
A. Reggie Nicholson
B. Marty Ehrlich
C. Dave Douglas
D. Buddy Bolden

Psi Records              Advance Dance Disques
Psi                                     Advance Dance Disques

The winners of the Issue 7 Free Jazz Contest are:

David Hall (Emerald, Australia)
Keith Martin (Encinitas, California)
Gary May (Paris, France)

Thanks again to Psi and FMP for the Issue 7 Contest prizes.


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