Travellin’ Light

Tim Berne Answers
20 Questions about Life on the Road


Bill Shoemaker: What is the most difficult airline to deal with in terms of instruments and equipment?

Tim Berne: All of the above.

Which airline has the worst economy seating and food?


Which airport is craziest for making connecting flights?


What is the most important thing you ever forgot to pack?

My wife.

What is your worst lost baggage story?

Coming home from Paris with a gig in New York that night and then starting a States tour the next day, early AM … No way to wait for bags the night of arrival in New York and airline incompetence the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the Stone Age … My lovely wife was forced to wait for our bags.

What country hassles musicians the most at customs and passport checks?


Which city has the worst cab drivers?


What is the best hotel that a presenter has provided for you?

Any hotel on a beach.

Do you travel with a laptop or a PDA? If so, how many times a day do you check your e-mail?


Do you listen to music on the road?


If so, what device do you use?

My imagination.

Do you do your own laundry on the road?

This information is not available to the public.

What is your most nightmarish sound check to date?

The next one.

What is the scariest food that has been laid out for you backstage?

Any food outside Italy and India.

What are your three favorite venues?

My rehearsal room, Vortex in London and 55 Bar in NYC

Which cities have the best restaurants for late after-gig meals?

London, Florence, New York.

Which cities have the best after-hours sessions?

Never did one.

What is the best city that closes down too early?

San Francisco.

What is the best locale to have a day off?


What is your cure for jet lag?

No sleep and spicy food.

What is your best tip for the novice?

Learn to sleep standing up.




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