Free Jazz

The Point of Departure Contest

This is easy.

Answer the three questions below.

The answers can be found in this issue.

Email the answers to:

Be sure to include your postal address with your entry.

The deadline for entries is June 10, 2006.

Entries with three correct answers will be eligible
to win one of three prize packages, courtesy of Barking Hoop Records:

Time-Space Modulator
Kevin Norton’s Bauhaus Quartet


Frozen Ropes
String Trio of New York + Oliver Lake

String Trio of New York    Kevin Norton

Winners will be drawn on June 11, 2006
Prizes will be delivered by post/mail
Winners will be announced in the next issue.

Question 1: Which person was not a What’s New panelist this issue?
A. George Lewis
B. Evan Parker
C. Caroline Kraabel
D. Fred Ho

Question 2: Who are the editors of Blocks of Consciousness and the Unbroken Continuum?
A. Richard Cook and Brian Morton
B. Brian Marley and Mark Wastell
C. Daniel Fischlin and Ajay Heble
D. David Toop and Rob Young

Question 3: Which musician was not a member of Harry Miller’s Isipingo?
A. Mike Osborne
B. Derek Bailey
C. Louis Moholo-Moholo
D. Keith Tippett

The winners of the Issue 4 Free Jazz Contest are:

Kovacs Gyorgyi (Budapest, Hungary)
Oksana Nesterenko (Kiev, Ukraine)
Geoffrey Treece (Little Rock, Arkansas)

Thanks again to Mutable Music for the Issue 4 Contest prizes.


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