Lee Konitz
Conversations on the Improviser's Art

Andy Hamilton
(The University of Michigan Press; Ann Arbor, Michigan)


1) Down Beat October 30, 1958.

2) ECM, 2002.

3) Konitz here seems to concede the point about needing to hear internally. This is one of our less conclusive discussions, but it was very hard to clarify the issues and I have decided not to edit it any further.

4) This and other issues are discussed in Hamilton, Aesthetics And Music, and in Hamilton, "The Art of Improvisation and the Aesthetics of Imperfection".

5) Konitz means: It was so complicated that you feel that it could not be improvised, yet it was.

6) The interview with David Kastin from Downbeat, quoted from later in this chapter.

7 Konitz has more to say on this in Ch. 8.

8) Jazz At Storyville (Black Lion, recorded 1954).

9) Three Guys (Enja, 1999).